President Michele Nealon-Woods in her office

Our President

亚洲欧美国产免费综合视频_四虎影音_亚洲狠狠爱综合影院Since taking office in July 2010, Dr. Nealon has led the development of innovative new programs, shaped a forward-thinking strategic plan that positions the school as a national institution with global reach, and presided over the opening of a successful new campus in Washington, D.C., among other achievements.

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President’s Cabinet

亚洲欧美国产免费综合视频_四虎影音_亚洲狠狠爱综合影院The President’s Cabinet consists of eight leaders reporting to Dr. Nealon and responsible for guiding student success and building the strategic vision of The Chicago School.

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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology is responsible for general oversight of the management of the institution.

Our Board of Trustees


Strategic Plan

Our ambitious plan, Toward a Healthier World, will expand the scope and reach of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, but also will advance the profession of psychology, and result in benefits to the global community that depends so heavily on a health care system that can meet its complex and disparate needs.

Our Strategic Plan